Monday, September 08, 2008

Old Vine Zin in the Alexander Valley

Sausal Vineyard in the Alexander Valley is a Zinfandel lovers' paradise. They make four different Zins: Cellar Cats, a non-vintage estate Zin named after the winery's two cats; Family Zinfandel, which is made from estate vines averaging 50 years in age; Private Reserve Zinfandel, another estate wine but made from vines over 90 years old; and, finally, Century Vines Zinfandel, made from vines planted on the estate in 1877.

Labeling a wine as "old vines" does not mean anything legally, but all of Sausal's Zins, except for the Cellar Cats , meet anyone's definition of old vine. If you have never tasted old vine Zin, I highly recommend doing so, regardless of whether you taste some at a visit to Sausal or by purchasing a bottle at your local wine shop.

Sausal's tasting room is small and the staff friendly. There's no guarantee that all of the Zins will be available when you visit. However, in addition to tasting some of the Zins, you are likely to be able to taste one or two of Sausal's other reds, which include a Cabernet, Sangiovese, and two blends.

If you are a fan of wine from old vines and would like to taste some on a private, wine country tour, please contact me at (866) 326-4237 (toll free) or by clicking here. Nearby Stryker and White Oak both have old vine Zin and Field Stone has old vine Petite Sirah.

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