Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Getting Your Wine Home - Part 2

This past week, I took two groups to the Napa Valley who faced the challenge of getting their wine home. The first family was from Pennsylvania, a state to which very few wineries can ship. Since the family was not going directly home from San Francisco, taking their wine with them was not a good option. So we went to a shipping company that can ship wine to all states except Utah and New Hampshire. Given the warm weather back east, sending the wine by ground was not a good option. Air shipping was highly recommended. The prices ranged from $80/case for three-day delivery to $100/case for overnight delivery. In addition, my guests paid for a shipping container ($12) and insurance. All-in-all, an expensive proposition. (Had the temperatures been cooler, ground shipping was $40/case.)

Another group was from Texas, a state that most wineries can ship to. Temperatures were over 100 degrees back home, so the couple asked the winery to not ship their wine until the weather improved. This was no problem for the winery and arranging to get a half-case of wine back home was easy. The couple then proceeded to buy a couple more bottles at another winery. Shipping two bottles is not cost effective. We stopped by a shipping company and picked up a two-bottle shipping container. The wine could then be checked as baggage.

Fortunately, there are more states that wineries can ship to than they cannot. Shipping directly from the winery is usually cheaper, and certainly easier, than using a shipping company.

When you take a wine country tour with Blue Heron Custom Tours, I will gladly walk you through your options for getting your wine home. To book a private, custom tour in wine country, call (866) 326-4237 (toll free) or e-mail me by clicking here.

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