Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Best Place for Lunch in the Napa Valley

Our rainy season has finally ended. The sun is shining and the days are warming up. Now is the perfect time to dine al fresco when visiting the Napa Valley. The best place to lunch outside is Auberge du Soleil. This restaurant and inn is located on a hill near Rutherford. When you make a reservation -- a must in the Spring, Summer, and Fall -- ask for outside dining. You will sit on the terrace overlooking the Valley. Not only will you have a spectacular view of the Valley, you will also dine in one of the finest restaurants around.

This is not a place to rush through lunch. You'll want to relax and slowly make your way through the courses. The food is California cuisine at its best. The wine list is the size of a telephone book. I have eaten at Auberge about a half-dozen times and each meal has been superb.

Life doesn't get much better than sitting outside on a warm, sunny day; gazing over the Napa Valley vineyards; and enjoying fine food and wine.

If you cannot get a reservation or decide to visit Auberge on the spur of the moment, you can always lunch at the more casual bar, which has a few outdoor tables.

Call (800) 348-5406 to make a reservation at the restaurant or inn. If you want to include lunch at Auberge du Soleil on a tour of the Napa Valley, please call me at (866) 326-4237 (toll free) or e-mail me by clicking here.

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